Authorised Flag Surveyor


Our Surveyors are authorised to carry out Class and Statutory surveys on behalf of a few flags, namely, Panama, Palau, Belize, St Kitts & Nevis. This provides ship owners with a wide range of choices to cater to their needs. We carry out audits and inspections such as MLC 2006, CICA, ISM and ISPS internal audits.

Flag Surveyor Company

If you require classification and statutory surveys which are compliant with the abovementioned flags, look no further than the services we provide at MarineOne. We provide surveyors for not just inspecting vessels of differing sizes but also carrying out class certifications, in order to validate all components that go into building, as well as match the pre-determined standards already in place. If the vessel is established as secure, the Flag State is notified accordingly; and if certain defects are discovered, the government is informed about the time limit allocated for corrective measures to be put in place. All our surveyors are highly-skilled professionals in their field, and come with extensive sailing experience. We also carry out thorough statutory surveys for a range of clients who require a complete inspection and overview of the condition of their vessel/s.

Marine Surveying Services

We take immense pride in what we do, and constantly strive to provide quality inspection services for the efficient management and maintenance of all seafaring vessels. Rest assured that all our surveyors are certified to carry out authorised flag surveys and are given due recognition by relevant organisations. Selecting a suitable marine surveyor for your particular needs is critical to ensure that your vessel/s adheres to the relevant maritime standards, and fulfils all the mandatory insurance and finance-related conditions.