ISM Consultancy and Internal Audit

ISPS & ISM Consultancy Singapore

Let us assist your company on proper ISM/ISPS compliance. Having a good Safety Management System (SMS) in place with no proper education available to crew is useless. We can educate your crew on proper reporting procedures so as to fulfill the requirements of the Code.

ISM & ISPS Consultancy, Singapore

MarineOne provides a complete suite of services related to ISM and ISPS compliance in Singapore. ISM is established as the International Safety Management Code, known for providing an international standard for the safe management and operation of ships, and also helps in preventing pollution. ISPS, on the other hand, is the International Ship and Port Facility Security System Code, which takes into consideration the various security aspects of ship repair, docking and other similar services. ISM regulations require every vessel to establish a Safety Management System (SMS) on board, which lists compliance with regulations concerning safety, the environment and communication, in tandem with land-based support. Our educative services help review the vessel’s documentation and operative methods, pinpoint potential threats, develop emergency plans, create maintenance schedules and training guidelines, as well as carry out onboard drills.

Professional Consultancy Services

We specialise in providing consultancy services for different categories of vessels, and enable them to meet the relevant compliance regulations. Our team of experts has the necessary skills to solve all kinds of regulatory issues; hence you need look no further for all your compliance-related needs. Our survey and consultancy services are among the finest in the vicinity and are completely approved by all the major Flag States. In view of the numerous regulations affecting vessels, we also provide personalised services to meet the differing needs of our clientele.