Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) – OVID inspections.

As part of our ongoing expansion to provide services to the offshore industry, we now have inspectors qualified to carry out OVID inspections. Do contact us and allow us to serve you better – because you deserve the very best.

OVID inspection, Singapore

The Offshore Vessel Inspection Database (OVID) has been created by OCIMF, in order to provide its members a database of offshore inspections which follow the SIRE format. It has to be recognised that the offshore industry has a particular set of processes and procedures for the purpose of assurance and chartering, and this is what OVID does. Its main goal is to provide a sturdy web-based inspection tool and database of inspection reports, which are given more credibility with the aid of professional inspectors with accreditations. It is targeted towards being an integral part of the selection process of offshore vessels in the long term, and also designed to ensure optimum safety of operations carried out in the industry.

Comprehensive Inspection Services

An OVID inspection provides considerable benefits to those who are members of the OCIMF and OGP, as well as vessel managers. This method uses a database wherein inspection reports are available to members who are participating, and has proven that inspection numbers will reduce after a period of time. In addition, swift assurance checks, which are a part of the chartering process, can be put in place, as the relevant personnel have instant access to vessel information as well as its safety performance.