Offshore incorporation


Another great service between us and our partnership with another company, you can now register a company in Panama or pay your respective annual tax. With the cheapest rate in town, it is THE place to register.

Offshore Incorporation, Singapore

There are a number of reasons which make incorporating offshore a viable option. These include asset protection, confidentiality, and estate planning, among others. By protecting one’s assets in combination with a Trust, an offshore company benefits by avoiding high taxes concerning income, capital and death, which would otherwise happen to be payable by an offshore marine services company. This also helps shield assets from creditors and other parties, and secures one’s business from competitors and claimants, and also secure against future claims such as bankruptcy, litigants, etc. In addition, keeping company affairs private assures complete privacy, and, in the case of trustee ownership, helps a company attain superior tax planning benefits. When it comes to estate planning, trusts can be utilised to accumulate investment income as well as long-term advantages.

Marine Services, Singapore

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