Pre-Docking Inspection


To enter a shipyard without a docking specification is like going in with a blank cheque. Our inspectors are all ex-shipyard repair managers and ex-IACS surveyors, we can prepare a detail dry docking specification consists of both Deck and Engine Department (according to the minimum Class and Statutory requirement) come with detail description of the repair scope. Ship owners can then submit this specification to shipyards and request for a quotation and prepare an accurate budget for the dry dock.

Pre-docking Inspection 

It is essential to carry out pre-docking inspections before entering dry dock for repair, as they provide insightful knowledge about repairs which need to be carried out during dockings. Our services benefit you in a number of ways, which include – tendering platform, technical preparation, discussion of class-relevant items, personal attendance, and certified inspections. Once all the preparations are carried out, you can rest at ease.     

In-depth Inspection

You can count on us at MarineOne to carry out a pre-docking inspection, which in turn gives you an up-to-date view on the condition of your onboard equipment. We will include all our findings in a report containing all relevant descriptions of the equipment, as well as other issues discovered, measures which need to be implemented, and reasonable quotes for required parts, along with the appropriate time required to carry out repairs.