Vessel Condition Surveys

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With the current economic and market forces, ship owners who charter their vessel out, and banks with interest in the vessel will want to know the actual condition of the vessel either before or after charter. Our reports are non-biased and provide an accurate account of the vessel’s current condition.

Cargo Surveyor Services in Singapore

Vessel condition surveys are an important determinant of the physical condition of the vessel as well as the efficiency of the management onboard. Thanks to the qualified surveyors at MarineOne Surveys & Consultancy, you can look forward to amending all your vessel-related shortcomings with a detailed report on the specific conditions.  Our services help ensure that your vessel/s is secure and in top-notch condition, as all problematic areas are highlighted in advance – in order to correct small issues before they develop into serious problems. What’s more, our specialist maintenance services lead to minimal accidents and damaging incidents – which make them the ideal choice for ship owners.  Our condition surveys provide a range of benefits for various types of vessels listed under different Class certifications.

Vessel Inspection 

We provide regular as well as one-off vessel inspection services for all relevant authorities. Our strategic location in one of the world’s most significant transit points makes us well-suited to provide the aforementioned services. In addition, you can also count on us to provide pre-purchasing condition surveys and class record reviews, which aid ship owners in their different investment arenas. Our thoroughly-trained professional inspectors ensure that our reports are a reliable option for different clients, such as banks and ship owners.